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Short invented story (Why do we divorce?)

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I don’t remember who started it. Was it her, was it me, was it her mom? It’s not important anymore. In retrospect, it was the best thing that could have happened. Thank God for retrospect!

6 years before that day, we got married. It was a simple marriage outside Evora where she came from. A true Alentejana like you hear about them only in popular culture. Stunningly beautiful, eyes like night, a well-rounded Portuguese pear. I’m not joking.
Strong and determined. Always blaming others, but her charm and beauty covered for it.

It was one of the best days of my life. Only second in my mind now to the day we divorced.

It’s interesting and funny how when a marriage breaks down, suddenly, everyone is talking about furniture, objects, stuff that is mine, stuff that is yours. Take it, keep it, throw it, store it. Find a garage, find a space, movers. Start the countdown! Boxes, pictures, letters. Who gets what?

Greed born out of thin air where previously there was generosity and love. Fights sprout everywhere, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, at the door, in the car, in the garage, it doesn’t matter the space, if we were less than 3 meters away from each other, we fought. And these fights went on in total absurdity about every single thing down to the most insignificant detail that otherwise was completely invisible to both of us. Interesting.

All of a sudden we discover a long forgotten attachment to things given to us by our mothers and grandmothers, ex-es or friends we haven’t seen in years that are barely friends anymore. -This is mine! My mom gave it to me! -No way! I bought this over Christmas in 2014. You didn’t even like it. -Ah!

It’s a weird kind of emotional negotiation that ends up wearing everyone down, but a necessary process of splitting up. And there’s nothing like material things to jumpstart the split of the rest, the more important aspects.

All this to say that she kept the house. I didn’t mind. I wanted to travel anyways and letting go of the responsibility of the house wasn’t a bad thing at all. I just needed to find a place to store the things I managed to extract from the battle. She didn’t want them in the house or even in the garage that I built myself. And to say the truth, I didn’t want them there either.

So I started frenetically looking for a space to store all the things I was left with. A storage space! I never thought about this before. I would have given everything away if I could, but some, as one can guess, had enormous significance to me, or emotional weight. I didn’t want them to get damaged or stored in a fishy warehouse. Mini-warehouse, large warehouse, I didn’t care. It just didn’t make sense to me to leave my personal stuff somewhere that looks like a warehouse for stuff. A box! A box? I’m not leaving my things in a ‘box’! Not in a million years! I’d rather throw them.

I asked around and no one had any space to take them in. I asked friends and neighbours, family members and even acquaintances, but I had a lot of things, some were big pieces like the TV or the couch, I also had a lot of Art hanging on the walls, and no one had a big enough space or even a garage to fit them all.

This is where the real challenge began. I spent a day calling and checking online for a storage place, and I found a couple right here in Lisbon. I didn’t think this service really existed in Portugal, but hey, sometimes you live in a bubble as the world goes by.

Everywhere I looked, I only found ‘boxes’. The self-storage companies were themselves calling them boxes. That didn’t ring well with me. No. A box is not something I like to imagine my stuff in. Not my couch and not my art work. I needed something else, something more elegant, more careful and more human. Something that didn’t look like a warehouse with a small counter for a reception and one sloppy dude or a vulgar high-heeled woman sitting behind it.

Through my research, I found a different kind of company. They called themselves Kuboo and their spaces, they called them kuboos. Right there, the whole thing felt different. They said they were a boutique hotel for things.

It’s not that they were nice, they were more than that, they were kind. Their facility doesn’t look like the other companies, it really looks like a boutique hotel. Casual, beautifully designed, clean as clean can be, full of light and with kuboos that feel personal.

Then you get the staff. An assemblage of real people, never tried to sell me a thing, listened carefully to my needs and went with me all the way until we found the best solution available. To rent a space at Kuboo, a space called kuboo, seemed way better than to rent a box at a place called space.

My stuff has been there for 2 years now, I’m travelling the world non-stop, and I never give it a thought.

This is what really happened in my short invented story. Believe it or not, it’s up to you.

KUBOO Takes Measures To Limit The Spread Or The Corona Virus

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Dear clients,
We believe that our overall mission is not only to protect your belongings as we do, keep them safe and clean, but also to protect the people that are our staff and their families as well as you and your families.

In order to do this to the highest standards that we’re used to, we put in place a series of measures, some simple and some more complicated, but all necessary.
Throughout these measures, KUBOO will remain open as usual.

  • The whole facility is cleaned and disinfected many times a day, every day, all the time. We hired people to do just this.
  • We are installing many hand sanitizers throughout the facility, next to every keypad and in every spot that’s necessary. Please note that our keypads are constantly being cleaned every few minutes.
  • We are constantly cleaning and disinfecting the chairs, the desk, our keyboards and computers, our lamps, our tables, our pens are also cleaned after every use, and our door handles. Nothing is left to chance.
  • Any of our staff can fully work from home, we are all connected through the most sophisticated online co-working technology, and other than welcoming you personally, most of our work is now done remotely. Only essential staff is present if necessary.
  • Please don’t take it personally if we don’t shake your hands. You wouldn’t want us to. We will still greet you with the hospitality and care that you got used to from KUBOO. We will gladly give you our own version of the elbow-greet or if you prefer foot-hello. We will go back to shaking your hand as soon as the little virus is defeated.
  • These measures are constantly reviewed and updated based on the evolution of the situation.

Meanwhile stay safe, yourselves and your families. If there’s anything we can do for you remotely let us know and it will be our regular pleasure to oblige.

With much kindness,
The Kuboodistas 

Coming Back Home From Exile

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I met a guy once, it was back in 1995 in Milfontes, on a hot spring morning. I had just arrived to Portugal from a long trip abroad and wanted to reconnect with the wind and the calm of a mid-June view of my favourite sea.

So here I am sitting and gazing, sipping at my galão, and wondering why I’ve been away for so long. When everything I ever needed was right here, in my own backyard. The weather, the sun, the sea, the beauty of this country and the kindness of its people. The food and the wine, stored in beautiful caves that smell like time.

So, anyways, here I was, drinking my coffee and day-dreaming into that long beautiful street of Milfontes, when a guy walks in and sits on the table next to me with his own coffee. A few minutes later we were discussing identity, exile, and coming back to the homeland.

He turned out to be originally from Porto, lived in Canada, France and Germany, and now, in his early sixties, decided that it’s in Portugal he wanted to retire. More specifically in Lisbon. As we started sharing logistics of travelling, shipping goods and storing them, the hardest thing that transpired was the difficulty for him to find a space to store all his furniture as he was in the process of looking for a house to buy. He needed a warehouse or a small warehouse more precisely that would fit all his things, something clean and affordable but also safe and accessible.

Storing is not something one does anywhere and in any condition. Storing is a serious business.

At the time there was no self-storage in Portugal. Not in Lisbon and not anywhere else. The only solution was a garage, but it was a mediocre solution at best. They were small, generally humid and not very safe. And they weren’t cheap. At the time, I proposed to him my dad’s flat that was empty between tenants. It simplified his life, at least for a couple of months, giving him time to find a house. Which he ended up doing.

He’s dead now, but we had become good friends. We had similar interests and we both loved Lisbon and more specifically to take long walks together in parts of the city that were less known. We brought back that conversation and those events often, talking about what a service it would be to offer a solution for momentary storage in Portugal.

More than 20 years later, I can finally say that we have a solution. A real and sustainable solution for storing anything and not only furniture. We call them Kuboos. Others more commonly call them boxes.

But Kuboos come with a service that boxes can’t handle. Kuboos come with more security cameras than any other self storage around, and Kuboos come sparkling clean at the best prices of the market.
They also come with the most agreeable service from the most agreeable staff than anywhere else. Kuboos have personality, boxes are bland.

Kuboos are an extension of your home, boxes are just small warehouses with a door.

A box is an empty entity. Cold. A Kuboo is a 5-star boutique hotel to store your stuff. It’s in effect a space for everything you need to store, it’s a space where everything stays clean and safe. While KUBOO the company is a space for everyone to feel at home, welcomed, served with kindness, no matter the need.

To rent a warehouse can be a complicated thing. To rent a box, a boring thing. To rent a Kuboo is the ultimate luxury when it comes to storing your valuables. And I’m not talking only about the warehouses themselves, the kuboos, but the whole experience from start to end. Here you will not be sold things you don’t need and we will do everything in our power to take away from your stress instead of adding on it.

Because behind Kuboos are Kuboodistas, people of heart who understand the needs that come with storage and storing, and are here for one main reason, to make the whole process as easy and as agreeable as possible. For every single one of our clients. Taking the time to understand their particular needs. One client at a time. Always.

Kuboodistas: We Are The Pessoa(s) Of Self-storage

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Few years ago, not many years, about 10, barely a handful of people around the world knew who was Fernando Pessoa. He was barely translated into other languages and overshadowed by more popular Portuguese cultural powerhouses like Fado music or Sardines.

Then, in a short period of time, suddenly and quickly he was brought into the light and pushed over everything you can think of from earrings to t-shirts all the way down to the little useless touristic gimmicks that everyone throws away before the next full moon.

He was pushed over everything so forcefully that he became over-pushed. His image was washed out and diluted to an extreme. Sadly. Even a city like Lisbon full of richness seems to have become a souvenir shop for Pessoa’s greeting cards.

Fortunately that doesn’t change the value of his poetry nor its importance in the modern world. If you haven’t read Kafka and Pessoa you haven’t totally understood the twentieth century said someone. That’s how important he is.

You can’t walk in Lisbon without feeling his shadow tracking you. Forget the hat and the eyeglasses. His shadow has many faces like the many names he used to convey his many truths. Space itself shrank down to the size of his hat in which many of our shadows fit!

Indeed, his presence is not felt because of his face that you encounter in every touristic junk shop, nor because you know that he walked the same streets not long ago, and not because Lisbon is a city where poetry dwells in the corners, but simply because he is here, around the unpainted walls of the old buildings that smell like time, in the gutters below the slippery white cobblestones when it rains, and under the bedsheets of unmade beds in every Lisbon’s neighbourhood.

As for us, Kuboodistas, Citizens of KUBOO, our sensitivity and our love of poetry made us build the most human facilities in the world, not only in Lisbon, not only in Portugal. No self-storage facility looks like ours; No human-scale service and kindness feels like ours, and no stress-relief can be more conveyed throughout the moment of moving than how we do it.

KUBOO is like a beautifully designed boutique Hotel for your belongings, but we make sure that storing is not only about belongings, but mostly about the people who are storing. Other companies tend to forget this simple fact. We don’t.

And so we are the people of Self-storage. In Portuguese, we are the Pessoa(s) of Self-storage, and it works beautifully! Without being tacky, we believe that poetry is part of everything we do, because it is in effect part of everything in the world. We just make sure it doesn’t get buried under greed, like most do.

Sure, a garage can be poetic in its own right, but storing anything that you like or may later need in a garage is a mistake. Anything can happen, it’s not the most secure, the cleanest or the most affordable option for that matter. KUBOO makes the whole process more convenient, safer, more secure, cleaner, and all in all easier and more agreeable. It comes with the friendliest staff to assist and help you throughout your move. Nothing you need cannot be fetched.

With the prices of real-estate rising dramatically in and around Lisbon, the storage size you need may be much cheaper at KUBOO than a garage in a dumpy building.

We are here, we are kind, we are helpful.
And we have good coffee-

Come And Meet The KUBOO Heroes!

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Not all heroes wear capes, but even the world of self-storage has its fair share of villainous characters that make a bit of a bad name for everyone else.

When you think self storage one image that might come to mind if of a seedy, soulless, stark warehouse containing flimsy storage units hastily crammed with junk. It’s a cold, unfriendly, unwelcoming preconception to have about self storage units. And we’re not going to lie – we can understand some people’s reluctance to entrust their worldly possessions to such a place. Indeed it’s the sort of preconception that would make even the most hardened of villain proud.

Alternatively you might think about those TV shows where people go around bidding on old abandoned storage units filled with dusty, horrible and (more often than not) completely useless piles of rubbish in hopes of discovering something of value and scoring a quick buck. Gross…and surprisingly scripted, should you look into it! It looks and feels like an abandoned garage with no light in sight!

Luckily KUBOO is aiming to avenge the situation and change that notion! When you think about self-storage we want you to think about KUBOO. And when you think about KUBOO we want you to think about the high quality, word class service we provide.

But mostly about our unique faculty to have given a human face to the whole process of self-storage. Not only unique in Lisbon or Portugal, but a unique world wide experience with the best designed space, the kindest team to relieve the stress that comes with moving. No team is kinder than the KUBOO team. None! We profoundly understand the stress that comes with any move or any life change and we are here to truly help make it lighter and easier.

Need to store away files, documents and trinkets? We’ve got just the Kuboo for you. Thinking about stashing away your life size model of an elephant? KUBOO has got your back! Whatever it is you want to store away, there is space for everything from your hulking great pieces of furniture, mattresses, bikes all the way down to the kitchen sink and even your iron, man!

We can guarantee that we have a Kuboo to suit your needs. You’re the captain, you’re in charge. So just come on in and see for yourself why we are quickly becoming synonymous with high quality, safe and secure self-storage in Lisbon. Come see for yourself the best facilities, the kindest staff and the most competitive prices.

We strive to provide an impeccable level of customer service. Our friendly staff members are approachable and totally knowledgeable in the ways of self storage and would be happy to impart their years of expertise and wisdom on you. We’re passionate about what we do and more than happy to have a coffee and a chat with anyone and everyone that walks through the door!

If you’re going to be using a Kuboo and leaving your possessions in our care then we have to ensure that we are indeed trustworthy guardians of your goods! Based in the beautiful town of Carnaxide, a stone’s throw away from Lisbon, we will treat your stuff as if it were ours and endeavour to make sure that everything is as safe, sound and secure as humanly possible until you need it. We don’t run a garage, we run a Boutique Hotel for your storage needs.

And speaking of needing your stuff, you can access your Kuboo 24/7. Day or night, whenever you need it, your Kuboo is going to be accessible, ready and waiting and should you require any assistance our staff are ready to swoop in and save the day!

So remember: not all heroes wear capes, but our KUBOO heroes will strive to give you an incredible service that you can marvel at and relieve you from the useless stress that comes from dealing with faceless companies.

Storing The Soft Goods: Self-storage and Mattresses

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When it comes to self-storage, often times people need to store things like mattresses and soft furniture. Cool – that is absolutely not a problem!

Without a shadow of a doubt Kuboo can help you out with that. Our Kuboos are plenty big enough and clean enough for all mattresses, furniture and any variety of soft and delicate goods that you might need keeping safe, secure but mostly clean. Goods that you really don’t want to store in your garage! Because soft items pick up dust and smells and need to be stored in a dry and clean space.

But how best to prepare your items for storage in your Kuboo? This is a good question and one that a surprising amount of people fail to consider! So let’s delve into preparing soft items for self-storage and keeping them as clean and pristine as possible.

Picture the scene: you’re clearing your home out, you’ve rented your own Kuboo and you’re starting to lovingly pack your things in there. Harder more durable items are not a big issue.
But then the time comes where you have to store away your mattress. So what do you do? Do you just throw it in your Kuboo, thinking a bit of dust won’t hurt it and that it’ll be fine when you get it back out again? Or do you take our expert advice and find out how to properly prepare and store away you mattress in your Kuboo and not in your garage?

Of course you’ll want to take our expert advice! We pride ourselves in not only keeping your stuff safe, clean and secure in a quickly and easily accessible space unique for you and protected by 50 cameras and a 4 level security apparatus, cleaned twice a week and maintained to the highest level of European standards, but also maintaining that your Kuboo is exactly as you left it – meaning all items are in perfect working order! Self-storage at its best.

You shouldn’t have to worry about your things becoming dirty or damaged while it is not being kept in your home. Especially your mattress…you sleep on that! No one needs a fusty, dirty mattress in their life! So here’s what our experts would suggest when it comes to storing mattresses, sofas and other soft goods:

Firstly you need to make sure that everything is as clean and aired out as possible before you place it in your Kuboo. Secondly you want to make sure that all your soft goods are protected by securing them in a thick plastic wrapping. This ensures that nothing is damaged by moisture or amasses dust which could be damaging and tricky to clean off.

Luckily we sell the plastic wrapping in-house for a fantastically low price! And what we sell is of very good quality. While we can’t vouch for other plastic wrappings, we can guarantee that ours is perfect for the job and will keep your goods fresh and in fantastic condition while being kept in your Kuboo. It’s at least 4 times thicker than the ones sold for hard furniture. Movers usually drag mattresses on the floor so if the cover is thin, it will tear and there goes your mattress!

Located in Carnaxide, we’re the premier company when it comes to friendly, professional and affordable self-storage in the Lisbon area. No one can make your move as stress-free as we can. Because we are focused on your needs and only on your needs.

And again, using your garage to store soft items is not a good idea. You need a much better space, cleaner, dryer, safer and insured. You can find this storage space in Portugal wherever there’s a KUBOO.

We are different! No question. They can copy us all they want, and they’re good at it, but no one can be Kuboo other than Kuboo. There are indeed many self-storage companies in Portugal, some old some young, some Portuguese some from elsewhere. They’ve sprouted in and around Lisbon like wild mushrooms. But then there are the people who are redefining self-storage at the human scale, where coming to is a pleasure. That would be Kuboo. One word, different, no colours in the name, not the word space, not the action of storing, just one word, easy, simple, gentle. Like we are.

Get your valuables out of your garage and into your Kuboo.

Space For Everything!

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The next time you’re sat relaxing in the comfort of your own home just take a moment to look around you and see all the stuff, bits and pieces and things that go into making your home a home.

You’ll soon realize that you’ve probably amassed a huge array of possessions! Trinkets, photos, memories, gadgets, furniture, technology, it’s all part of the rich tapestry that makes your life a life.

But let’s talk about space. Everyone wants a little bit of extra space, right? Whether you live in the most compact home imaginable or the grandest of sprawling mansions, everyone appreciates that little bit more space to be able to utilize. It can’t be denied that it’s in our nature to best make use of the space that we have available to us.

But sometimes it’s not just as simple as clearing a little extra space or throwing a few things away. Sometimes you don’t want to get rid of things just so you can have a little more room to live in – and that’s completely okay, we understand! And of course some things are too precious, hold too much sentimentality or (let’s be honest) are just too expensive to throw away!

What happens should the time come when you do require more room but don’t want to get rid of all of your possessions? Sure, you could move into a bigger place, but let’s be honest that seems not only wildly impractical but also pretty expensive! Well instead of jumping to that drastic conclusion, we here at Kuboo have an answer to the extra-space question!

Our Kuboos are beautifully clean, luxurious and exciting self-storage spaces. They are simply like a 5 star Hotel for your belongings! Located in Carnaxide – only a stone’s throw from the stunning city of Lisbon – our friendly staff are ready to assist you in any way that they can. Whatever kind of space you need (from big to little to everything in-between) we have it! We are here to help you and alleviate your stress, not to sell you useless stuff.

As the Portuguese say, ‘Espaço para tudo’: Space for everything! Your Kuboo can accommodate anything and everything you want to keep safe and secure, and for such an affordable price it seems like an absolute no-brainer. Store as little or as much as you like in your Kuboo – there truly is space for everything! This may be a strange analogy but we have the same ethos as a cat trying to squash itself into a tiny box: If it fits, it’s fine!

You don’t need to look any further. Your space, My space, Their space or any extra space really…. It’s OUR space that you’re going to be wanting when it comes to self storage! And let’s not forget that whether it be a Greenspace, a Yellowspace, a Bluespace or even an Orangespace, there’s only one colour space that you’ll need – it’s the bright, optimistic Yellow of your very own Kuboo! The colour of Lisbon when the trees bear fruit. The colour of Portugal: A blend of yellow and clementine Orange.

So don’t feel overwhelmed with stuff – give Kuboo a call and we’ll meet and surpass all of your self-storage needs as well as your personal expectations, so you can free up some space and get back to living your best life. Because you deserve it!

And we will never ever push anything on you. We will do two things: help you find the right and most affordable solution, and try the best we can to alleviate the stress of your move.

Nothing else.

On Bicycles, Luggage and Surf Boards

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In this modern world of action, excitement, travel and adventure, many people have a whole variety of things that they own.

Bicycles, surf boards, luggage and suitcases of all kinds, awesomely cool specialist equipment…but often these things take up room in our home, so what can we do about that? Well the solution is simple! And quite cheap.

KUBOO offers affordable and reliable self storage spaces around our so elegant city of Lisbon that you can utilise however you need to. Can’t squeeze your bicycle through the front door of your home? There’s a Kuboo for that. Don’t want your surfboard propped up conspicuously in the corner of your room? There’s a Kuboo for that too. If the wife is upset at your surplus of equipment and you don’t want to throw them away, make her (and yourself) happy, store them at KUBOO!

You could also do without your precious living space cluttered with luggage that you don’t use from one week to the next, there’s a KUBOO solution for that too! Spaces is what we specialize in. But service and friendliness is what we excel in. Nobody can help you the way KUBOO’s family does. In that sense, mini-armazens (as we say in portuguese for small warehouses) are only the beginning of the story. The beauty of the facility, the reception and our staff is what makes your day better and eases your stress of moving.

If you’re travelling around Portugal and you want to travel light, you can either store your luggage at one of the specialized luggage storage in town, or store it at KUBOO for a fraction of the price, a more private space, and behind a locked door. In a facility specially conceived to store belongings safely and in perfect cleanliness, for the short or the long term, or any period you would need to store it for, in an environment that is safe, clean, and accessible at any time of the day, 365 days a year. Even on Carnaval. Ask Pedro!

But how does it all work? I’ll explain: Let’s take your bike, for example, you could cram it into your home, but when it’s covered in mud and dirt after a long ride then perhaps your home isn’t the most sensible place to keep it. Sure you could go buy a lock and a chain and secure it somewhere outside, but then you run the risk that some unscrupulous and light fingered individual might ‘forcefully liberate’ your bike and you’ll never see it again. Again this isn’t the best of options! So bring it to us. We are here to expand your home for a ridiculously low fee.

We are built on the notion of extra-space for all that needs to be stored away. No matter what it is. KUBOO’s space is made of multiple spaces, those spaces, others call them boxes or units or warehouses, we call them Kuboos. and they can be yours for a short or a long period of time.

KUBOO offers a whole range of storage spaces from a nice compact 1m3 all the way up to a grandiose 30m2. Whatever you need to store away and keep safe, we can help you out with, and we can guarantee we have the perfect place for those bicycles of yours!
Starting from the ridiculously low price of only 15 Euros a month you can safely store a bike, a suitcase, a luggage or a surfboard, and rest easy and assured in the knowledge that it is safe, sound, and always there for you when you need it. Should it be 3am and the sudden urge strikes you to take a bike ride or hit those waves under the Lisbon moon with your surf board, that’s not a problem! The KUBOO Self-Storage spaces, otherwise known as Kuboos, are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We pride ourselves on our accessibility. And our reception opening hours are extensive, 7 days a week, 365 day a year.

You can hire your Locker-Kuboo known at large as a mini-armazem, by week or by month for as long as you need to, and we haven’t even mentioned price yet – We’re so affordable that the payments will barely make a dint in your wallet! For 35 euros a month or 20 euros a week you can have your own 1m3 Locker-Kuboo in which you can fit 17 medium sized boxes, at least 5 suitcases depending on their sizes, and a whole lot of smaller objects. Fabulous! Isn’t it? For such mini-armazens? In comparison a luggage storage will cost you upwards of 10 euros, well, a day! If it sounds like a no-brainer and it looks like a no-brainer, then it sure is a no-brainer.

So should you feel the need to un-clutter, expand your home or create a little bit more space in your life, then be sure to come and check out our clean, modern, bespoke KUBOO facilities. Located in the nice and accessible town of Carnaxide, 10 minutes from the center of Lisbon, we’re a friendly, reliable yet ultra-professional service that is guaranteed to meet all your self-storage needs. So contact us now – our experts can give you an accurate quote, offer honest advice about spaces and storage, and informed recommendations, and they are ready and waiting to help you out in any way that they can! Don’t drink coffee at home before you come and visit us, we have really good coffee and we love drinking a cup with our clients, some of which end-up becoming friends.

So you can either make a Locker-Kuboo yours, or store surf boards, suitcases, luggage, bikes, or any piece of furniture you need to put away by the piece. One piece, two pieces, 1 bike 1 surfboard, 2 luggages and 1 board, no matter the combination, there is a cheap solution to choose from at KUBOO. And our staff will find it with you.

Then you can continue living your best life while KUBOO stores your stuff safely away in the lap of Lisbon luxury, away from the spaces in which you live your daily life, and that you need to keep clear of clutter. We offer extra-space: space for everything that you need out of your sight, but not out of your life.

There’s no place like home, but there’s no extra space like KUBOO.

Don’t Think Self-Storage. Think KUBOO!

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How often do you sit watching a movie or a TV show and end up thinking ‘What else have I seen that actor in?’

Frustratingly no one else knows, so you announce: “I’ll just Google it!” It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to search using the Google search engine itself, but the company name Google has become synonymous with searching for something on the internet.

That’s what we want to do with KUBOO!

Similarly if you’re in a shop looking for plastic containers to store food in you’re probably going to be looking for the Tupperware isle. If you’re in bed feeling a little under the weather and require someone to go and purchase some tissues then you’re more than likely going to ask them to grab a box of Kleenex. And (if all goes according to our devilishly brilliant master plan) if you need somewhere to store a lot of your stuff then you’re going to be on the hunt for a Kuboo. Not a ‘Box’ or a ‘mini-warehouse’ or even a ‘garage’, these are all unclean and mostly unsafe sounding. A Kuboo on the other hand, is limpid clean, extremely safe and easy to get to and access.

A Kuboo is the Prince of self storage. Anything else is a butler in comparison.
And like we like to say: There’s no place like home, but there’s no space for everything else like KUBOO!

I’m sure you’ll agree that the word KUBOO rolls nicely off of the tongue. Indeed it has a certain…je ne sais quoi about it. So let us tell you a little about our name’s etymology – where it came from. KUBOO is derived from the Portuguese word ‘cubo’ which means cube. We felt that this word pretty much summed up the fantastic self-storage service we offered so we took it, put our own little twist on it and voilà – KUBOO! Sweet sweet KUBOO!

When you think of storage spaces we want you to think of KUBOO. When you think of an extra-space for your needs, KUBOO also must come to mind. We want your senses to automatically link us and our amazing services to all of your storage needs to which we are most dedicated.

Located in the central and safe town of Carnaxide in Portugal we are in close proximity to other similar towns including Oeiras, Algés, Cascais and Alfragide. And if that wasn’t amazing enough we are also a mere stone’s throw away from Lisbon itself. 15 minutes from the airport. Sounds good?

Kuboos are clean, and welcoming, and they are affordable solutions to your self-storage needs. We have a vast variety of Kuboo sizes, from a tiny 1m3, through a range of modest sizes all the way up to a humongous 30m2 in which you could essentially store a life’s-worth of items and memories. And as the Kuboos are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you can rest assured, safe in the knowledge that should you need to get your hands on your stuff you can do so whenever you feel like it.

We want to expand our storage services and take over our beautiful nation. We want people from every corner of Portugal to think ‘KUBOO’ when they need self-storage. We welcome people to inundate us with business and push us to become bigger and better. The more people we serve and for which we ease the stress of moving or clutter, the happier we are. And when KUBOO is synonymous with self-storage in Portugal we may or may not rest!

So when you need somewhere to safely and securely keep your things, don’t think self-storage, don’t think box, don’t think warehouse or small-warehouse or even garage, Think KUBOO! Kuboos are clean cubes, with individual locks and alarms, to which only you hold the key, like Ali-baba and his cave. You can stack them with your treasured belongings and sleep sound in the comfort of your de-cluttered home, knowing that they are well taken care of. No matter the season.

On Feedback, Anthropology and Extra-space

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We grow when our friends or the ones who love us tell us about ourselves. Frankly. Not just to please us. If we are good listeners, we become improved versions of ourselves, more accurate, more complete.

Here at KUBOO we act in the same manner. Because at KUBOO the most important thing is to be yourself. And this is not a cliché, it’s a rare occurrence in the workplace, and it takes conviction and determination. Self-storage can be dry and alienating if approached in the perspective of business as usual, or it can be a great journey into knowing people. Like a city. Take Lisbon for example, approach it sideways and you may never experience it. Run it through, face first, and it will come at you like a tram. Be ware. Space has a singular politeness to it. It likes uncluttered faces!

It’s a bit like taxi drivers, they are the ears of the city. They are an encyclopedic knowledge of daily life on wheels. Anthropologically rich.

So, face first, we count on the sincere and frank feedback of our staff, friends, and customers to improve ourselves, become more accurate and more balanced. To offer whatever in the world of self-storage we can offer, and always be one step ahead of the rest in taking care of people and of their belongings in the kindest of ways. Because we love it. The anthropological aspect of it. Our days at KUBOO are good days. Full of novelty and renewed every day. There’s space for everything.

If you have a garage, a small warehouse, an extra room in your house where you pile the artefacts of your life, free it (your life). Use the garage for your car or as a hobby room, and that room in your house, with the bicycles and Gym things that you haven’t used in years, perhaps friends can crash in it. Free your space, free your spaces, don’t let clutter get the best of you and don’t get too attached to bulky items. The space they steal from you is worth recovering.

If you live in Lisbon, or planning on it, or Cascais, or Cacém or Algés, we are your neighbours and we are here to help with your excess stuff during your moves. We also offer small Kuboos to be used like small garages, or small extra spaces, extensions to your home, at a small price; so you can keep them for as long as you wish. A simple, clean, safe and cheap extraspace.

That’s what we think self-storage is also about, up at the source, it frees a cluttered space, an office, a garage, a business or just a corner of your house. Without denting your budget. It’s simple, easy to access, affordable and safer than anything else. And we are here to simplify the process. Faces first. Storing is fun! It cleans-up our lives. Clears up our messes.

Huxley said If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything will appear as it really is, infinite. We know he wasn’t talking about storage, bikes, physical spaces, garages, warehouses, or anything that has to do with storing. He was talking about letting go of the prisons of our senses. Un-cluttering. Clearing your daily space is a first step.

Lisbon, Portugal, this is where the hub is. From here, like hundreds of years ago, the ocean is infinite, and space relentless. And so we look ahead. But for now, our space is Lisbon, the great Lisbon area to be precise, at the very center, between Cacém and Oeiras, Cascais and Amadora, Algés and Alfragide. In Carnaxide! A breath away from Lisbon’s center. This is where we are, this is where there’s space for everything, and this is where we await your feedback.

Please always let us know what you think of your experience at KUBOO, what we can provide more to satisfy your needs, and how you think we should improve ourselves.
We are very grateful-