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Few years ago, not many years, about 10, barely a handful of people around the world knew who was Fernando Pessoa. He was barely translated into other languages and overshadowed by more popular Portuguese cultural powerhouses like Fado music or Sardines.

Then, in a short period of time, suddenly and quickly he was brought into the light and pushed over everything you can think of from earrings to t-shirts all the way down to the little useless touristic gimmicks that everyone throws away before the next full moon.

He was pushed over everything so forcefully that he became over-pushed. His image was washed out and diluted to an extreme. Sadly. Even a city like Lisbon full of richness seems to have become a souvenir shop for Pessoa’s greeting cards.

Fortunately that doesn’t change the value of his poetry nor its importance in the modern world. If you haven’t read Kafka and Pessoa you haven’t totally understood the twentieth century said someone. That’s how important he is.

You can’t walk in Lisbon without feeling his shadow tracking you. Forget the hat and the eyeglasses. His shadow has many faces like the many names he used to convey his many truths. Space itself shrank down to the size of his hat in which many of our shadows fit!

Indeed, his presence is not felt because of his face that you encounter in every touristic junk shop, nor because you know that he walked the same streets not long ago, and not because Lisbon is a city where poetry dwells in the corners, but simply because he is here, around the unpainted walls of the old buildings that smell like time, in the gutters below the slippery white cobblestones when it rains, and under the bedsheets of unmade beds in every Lisbon’s neighbourhood.

As for us, Kuboodistas, Citizens of KUBOO, our sensitivity and our love of poetry made us build the most human facilities in the world, not only in Lisbon, not only in Portugal. No self-storage facility looks like ours; No human-scale service and kindness feels like ours, and no stress-relief can be more conveyed throughout the moment of moving than how we do it.

KUBOO is like a beautifully designed boutique Hotel for your belongings, but we make sure that storing is not only about belongings, but mostly about the people who are storing. Other companies tend to forget this simple fact. We don’t.

And so we are the people of Self-storage. In Portuguese, we are the Pessoa(s) of Self-storage, and it works beautifully! Without being tacky, we believe that poetry is part of everything we do, because it is in effect part of everything in the world. We just make sure it doesn’t get buried under greed, like most do.

Sure, a garage can be poetic in its own right, but storing anything that you like or may later need in a garage is a mistake. Anything can happen, it’s not the most secure, the cleanest or the most affordable option for that matter. KUBOO makes the whole process more convenient, safer, more secure, cleaner, and all in all easier and more agreeable. It comes with the friendliest staff to assist and help you throughout your move. Nothing you need cannot be fetched.

With the prices of real-estate rising dramatically in and around Lisbon, the storage size you need may be much cheaper at KUBOO than a garage in a dumpy building.

We are here, we are kind, we are helpful.
And we have good coffee-