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Not all heroes wear capes, but even the world of self-storage has its fair share of villainous characters that make a bit of a bad name for everyone else.

When you think self storage one image that might come to mind if of a seedy, soulless, stark warehouse containing flimsy storage units hastily crammed with junk. It’s a cold, unfriendly, unwelcoming preconception to have about self storage units. And we’re not going to lie – we can understand some people’s reluctance to entrust their worldly possessions to such a place. Indeed it’s the sort of preconception that would make even the most hardened of villain proud.

Alternatively you might think about those TV shows where people go around bidding on old abandoned storage units filled with dusty, horrible and (more often than not) completely useless piles of rubbish in hopes of discovering something of value and scoring a quick buck. Gross…and surprisingly scripted, should you look into it! It looks and feels like an abandoned garage with no light in sight!

Luckily KUBOO is aiming to avenge the situation and change that notion! When you think about self-storage we want you to think about KUBOO. And when you think about KUBOO we want you to think about the high quality, word class service we provide.

But mostly about our unique faculty to have given a human face to the whole process of self-storage. Not only unique in Lisbon or Portugal, but a unique world wide experience with the best designed space, the kindest team to relieve the stress that comes with moving. No team is kinder than the KUBOO team. None! We profoundly understand the stress that comes with any move or any life change and we are here to truly help make it lighter and easier.

Need to store away files, documents and trinkets? We’ve got just the Kuboo for you. Thinking about stashing away your life size model of an elephant? KUBOO has got your back! Whatever it is you want to store away, there is space for everything from your hulking great pieces of furniture, mattresses, bikes all the way down to the kitchen sink and even your iron, man!

We can guarantee that we have a Kuboo to suit your needs. You’re the captain, you’re in charge. So just come on in and see for yourself why we are quickly becoming synonymous with high quality, safe and secure self-storage in Lisbon. Come see for yourself the best facilities, the kindest staff and the most competitive prices.

We strive to provide an impeccable level of customer service. Our friendly staff members are approachable and totally knowledgeable in the ways of self storage and would be happy to impart their years of expertise and wisdom on you. We’re passionate about what we do and more than happy to have a coffee and a chat with anyone and everyone that walks through the door!

If you’re going to be using a Kuboo and leaving your possessions in our care then we have to ensure that we are indeed trustworthy guardians of your goods! Based in the beautiful town of Carnaxide, a stone’s throw away from Lisbon, we will treat your stuff as if it were ours and endeavour to make sure that everything is as safe, sound and secure as humanly possible until you need it. We don’t run a garage, we run a Boutique Hotel for your storage needs.

And speaking of needing your stuff, you can access your Kuboo 24/7. Day or night, whenever you need it, your Kuboo is going to be accessible, ready and waiting and should you require any assistance our staff are ready to swoop in and save the day!

So remember: not all heroes wear capes, but our KUBOO heroes will strive to give you an incredible service that you can marvel at and relieve you from the useless stress that comes from dealing with faceless companies.