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When it comes to self-storage, often times people need to store things like mattresses and soft furniture. Cool – that is absolutely not a problem!

Without a shadow of a doubt Kuboo can help you out with that. Our Kuboos are plenty big enough and clean enough for all mattresses, furniture and any variety of soft and delicate goods that you might need keeping safe, secure but mostly clean. Goods that you really don’t want to store in your garage! Because soft items pick up dust and smells and need to be stored in a dry and clean space.

But how best to prepare your items for storage in your Kuboo? This is a good question and one that a surprising amount of people fail to consider! So let’s delve into preparing soft items for self-storage and keeping them as clean and pristine as possible.

Picture the scene: you’re clearing your home out, you’ve rented your own Kuboo and you’re starting to lovingly pack your things in there. Harder more durable items are not a big issue.
But then the time comes where you have to store away your mattress. So what do you do? Do you just throw it in your Kuboo, thinking a bit of dust won’t hurt it and that it’ll be fine when you get it back out again? Or do you take our expert advice and find out how to properly prepare and store away you mattress in your Kuboo and not in your garage?

Of course you’ll want to take our expert advice! We pride ourselves in not only keeping your stuff safe, clean and secure in a quickly and easily accessible space unique for you and protected by 50 cameras and a 4 level security apparatus, cleaned twice a week and maintained to the highest level of European standards, but also maintaining that your Kuboo is exactly as you left it – meaning all items are in perfect working order! Self-storage at its best.

You shouldn’t have to worry about your things becoming dirty or damaged while it is not being kept in your home. Especially your mattress…you sleep on that! No one needs a fusty, dirty mattress in their life! So here’s what our experts would suggest when it comes to storing mattresses, sofas and other soft goods:

Firstly you need to make sure that everything is as clean and aired out as possible before you place it in your Kuboo. Secondly you want to make sure that all your soft goods are protected by securing them in a thick plastic wrapping. This ensures that nothing is damaged by moisture or amasses dust which could be damaging and tricky to clean off.

Luckily we sell the plastic wrapping in-house for a fantastically low price! And what we sell is of very good quality. While we can’t vouch for other plastic wrappings, we can guarantee that ours is perfect for the job and will keep your goods fresh and in fantastic condition while being kept in your Kuboo. It’s at least 4 times thicker than the ones sold for hard furniture. Movers usually drag mattresses on the floor so if the cover is thin, it will tear and there goes your mattress!

Located in Carnaxide, we’re the premier company when it comes to friendly, professional and affordable self-storage in the Lisbon area. No one can make your move as stress-free as we can. Because we are focused on your needs and only on your needs.

And again, using your garage to store soft items is not a good idea. You need a much better space, cleaner, dryer, safer and insured. You can find this storage space in Portugal wherever there’s a KUBOO.

We are different! No question. They can copy us all they want, and they’re good at it, but no one can be Kuboo other than Kuboo. There are indeed many self-storage companies in Portugal, some old some young, some Portuguese some from elsewhere. They’ve sprouted in and around Lisbon like wild mushrooms. But then there are the people who are redefining self-storage at the human scale, where coming to is a pleasure. That would be Kuboo. One word, different, no colours in the name, not the word space, not the action of storing, just one word, easy, simple, gentle. Like we are.

Get your valuables out of your garage and into your Kuboo.