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The next time you’re sat relaxing in the comfort of your own home just take a moment to look around you and see all the stuff, bits and pieces and things that go into making your home a home.

You’ll soon realize that you’ve probably amassed a huge array of possessions! Trinkets, photos, memories, gadgets, furniture, technology, it’s all part of the rich tapestry that makes your life a life.

But let’s talk about space. Everyone wants a little bit of extra space, right? Whether you live in the most compact home imaginable or the grandest of sprawling mansions, everyone appreciates that little bit more space to be able to utilize. It can’t be denied that it’s in our nature to best make use of the space that we have available to us.

But sometimes it’s not just as simple as clearing a little extra space or throwing a few things away. Sometimes you don’t want to get rid of things just so you can have a little more room to live in – and that’s completely okay, we understand! And of course some things are too precious, hold too much sentimentality or (let’s be honest) are just too expensive to throw away!

What happens should the time come when you do require more room but don’t want to get rid of all of your possessions? Sure, you could move into a bigger place, but let’s be honest that seems not only wildly impractical but also pretty expensive! Well instead of jumping to that drastic conclusion, we here at Kuboo have an answer to the extra-space question!

Our Kuboos are beautifully clean, luxurious and exciting self-storage spaces. They are simply like a 5 star Hotel for your belongings! Located in Carnaxide – only a stone’s throw from the stunning city of Lisbon – our friendly staff are ready to assist you in any way that they can. Whatever kind of space you need (from big to little to everything in-between) we have it! We are here to help you and alleviate your stress, not to sell you useless stuff.

As the Portuguese say, ‘Espaço para tudo’: Space for everything! Your Kuboo can accommodate anything and everything you want to keep safe and secure, and for such an affordable price it seems like an absolute no-brainer. Store as little or as much as you like in your Kuboo – there truly is space for everything! This may be a strange analogy but we have the same ethos as a cat trying to squash itself into a tiny box: If it fits, it’s fine!

You don’t need to look any further. Your space, My space, Their space or any extra space really…. It’s OUR space that you’re going to be wanting when it comes to self storage! And let’s not forget that whether it be a Greenspace, a Yellowspace, a Bluespace or even an Orangespace, there’s only one colour space that you’ll need – it’s the bright, optimistic Yellow of your very own Kuboo! The colour of Lisbon when the trees bear fruit. The colour of Portugal: A blend of yellow and clementine Orange.

So don’t feel overwhelmed with stuff – give Kuboo a call and we’ll meet and surpass all of your self-storage needs as well as your personal expectations, so you can free up some space and get back to living your best life. Because you deserve it!

And we will never ever push anything on you. We will do two things: help you find the right and most affordable solution, and try the best we can to alleviate the stress of your move.

Nothing else.