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As the world population multiplies and as we move more often, while our dwellings in most cities remain small, our need for space grows and becomes sometimes essential.

Self-storage is a simple and amicable solution for this lack of space. Affordable compared to real-estate. It’s safe and secure, clean and accessible.

We have moved too many times in our lives to know how stressful and tedious moving can be. So we founded Kuboo, a simple, efficient and friendly solution for everyone’s space needs.

Whether you are an individual with a lack of room in your house, or if you are moving temporarily or permanently, or whether you are a company or business in need of more space to store your archives or equipment, we offer you an easy and practical solution.

If you are a small or an expanding business, and you can’t afford or don’t want the hurdles and complications that come with renting a warehouse, the bills, the responsibility, the rental agreements that binds you for years, we have a viable solution for you. Flexible to your needs, accessible 24/7, 365 days a year, with a very well trained and extra-friendly staff to streamline your process.

Simplifying one of the complicated aspects of life: the need for space. This is what we do. And we excel at it. Try us!