I met a guy once, it was back in 1995 in Milfontes, on a hot spring morning. I had just arrived to Portugal from a long trip abroad and wanted to reconnect with the wind and the calm of a mid-June view of my favourite sea.

So here I am sitting and gazing, sipping at my galão, and wondering why I’ve been away for so long. When everything I ever needed was right here, in my own backyard. The weather, the sun, the sea, the beauty of this country and the kindness of its people. The food and the wine, stored in beautiful caves that smell like time.

So, anyways, here I was, drinking my coffee and day-dreaming into that long beautiful street of Milfontes, when a guy walks in and sits on the table next to me with his own coffee. A few minutes later we were discussing identity, exile, and coming back to the homeland.

He turned out to be originally from Porto, lived in Canada, France and Germany, and now, in his early sixties, decided that it’s in Portugal he wanted to retire. More specifically in Lisbon. As we started sharing logistics of travelling, shipping goods and storing them, the hardest thing that transpired was the difficulty for him to find a space to store all his furniture as he was in the process of looking for a house to buy. He needed a warehouse or a small warehouse more precisely that would fit all his things, something clean and affordable but also safe and accessible.

Storing is not something one does anywhere and in any condition. Storing is a serious business.

At the time there was no self-storage in Portugal. Not in Lisbon and not anywhere else. The only solution was a garage, but it was a mediocre solution at best. They were small, generally humid and not very safe. And they weren’t cheap. At the time, I proposed to him my dad’s flat that was empty between tenants. It simplified his life, at least for a couple of months, giving him time to find a house. Which he ended up doing.

He’s dead now, but we had become good friends. We had similar interests and we both loved Lisbon and more specifically to take long walks together in parts of the city that were less known. We brought back that conversation and those events often, talking about what a service it would be to offer a solution for momentary storage in Portugal.

More than 20 years later, I can finally say that we have a solution. A real and sustainable solution for storing anything and not only furniture. We call them Kuboos. Others more commonly call them boxes.

But Kuboos come with a service that boxes can’t handle. Kuboos come with more security cameras than any other self storage around, and Kuboos come sparkling clean at the best prices of the market.
They also come with the most agreeable service from the most agreeable staff than anywhere else. Kuboos have personality, boxes are bland.

Kuboos are an extension of your home, boxes are just small warehouses with a door.

A box is an empty entity. Cold. A kuboo is a 5-star boutique hotel to store your stuff. It’s in effect a space for everything you need to store, it’s a space where everything stays clean and safe. While Kuboo the company is a space for everyone to feel at home, welcomed, served with kindness, no matter the need.

To rent a warehouse can be a complicated thing. To rent a box, a boring thing. To rent a Kuboo is the ultimate luxury when it comes to storing your valuables. And I’m not talking only about the warehouses themselves, the kuboos, but the whole experience from start to end. Here you will not be sold things you don’t need and we will do everything in our power to take away from your stress instead of adding on it.

Because behind Kuboos are Kubooistas, people of heart who understand the needs that come with storage and storing, and are here for one main reason, to make the whole process as easy and as agreeable as possible. For every single one of our clients. Taking the time to understand their particular needs. One client at a time. Always.


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