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Dear clients,
We believe that our overall mission is not only to protect your belongings as we do, keep them safe and clean, but also to protect the people that are our staff and their families as well as you and your families.

In order to do this to the highest standards that we’re used to, we put in place a series of measures, some simple and some more complicated, but all necessary.
Throughout these measures, KUBOO will remain open as usual.

  • The whole facility is cleaned and disinfected many times a day, every day, all the time. We hired people to do just this.
  • We are installing many hand sanitizers throughout the facility, next to every keypad and in every spot that’s necessary. Please note that our keypads are constantly being cleaned every few minutes.
  • We are constantly cleaning and disinfecting the chairs, the desk, our keyboards and computers, our lamps, our tables, our pens are also cleaned after every use, and our door handles. Nothing is left to chance.
  • Any of our staff can fully work from home, we are all connected through the most sophisticated online co-working technology, and other than welcoming you personally, most of our work is now done remotely. Only essential staff is present if necessary.
  • Please don’t take it personally if we don’t shake your hands. You wouldn’t want us to. We will still greet you with the hospitality and care that you got used to from KUBOO. We will gladly give you our own version of the elbow-greet or if you prefer foot-hello. We will go back to shaking your hand as soon as the little virus is defeated.
  • These measures are constantly reviewed and updated based on the evolution of the situation.

Meanwhile stay safe, yourselves and your families. If there’s anything we can do for you remotely let us know and it will be our regular pleasure to oblige.

With much kindness,
The Kuboodistas