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Paperwork! That word that makes us roll our eyes and think “where can I keep all this safely and without occupying half the office?”

My company, like all companies, has a love-hate relationship with archives. We want them out of sight, but close to the heart. They have contracts, minutes, banking information and other important documents that require the originals to be impeccably separated and organized (most often) in wide-brimmed dossiers that in addition to not being the most appreciated decorative object, occupy too much space in the office.

Since I am not a person to cross my arms and sit tight, I decided to look for a solution, because this work from home business became an extension of the company and my world began to be in black and white, just like the files that haunt me.

The solution came in shades of yellow, like a beautiful summer day!

When asking around, the idea of self-storage kept coming back. For me it was not a totally unknown concept but I never imagined it as storage for important documentation.

Security has always been one of my biggest concerns, what kind of documentation can I safely store in a warehouse? Can documents be degraded in storage due to humidity? I decided to start my research and get real answers.

Self-storage yielded a bunch of results for Lisbon, and so I got down to contacting all of them.

I started sending emails and making phone calls. I was determined to find the best space for my paperwork. With the search the doubts were accumulating; what size of space do I need to archive everything? Access? Safety? Prices? How about fire concerns? It was all new to me.

After several exchanges of phone calls, there was a company that captured my attention because of the sympathy and the simple way in which they answered my questions. After a friendly invitation to visit the space, I got in the car and when I arrived in the vicinity of the premises, I started seeing yellow signs directing me to what is KUBOO. The ease with which the path was indicated was only overcome with the kindness with which I was received, a smile and an invitation to a coffee.

The time has come to get to know the facilities, from a reception with a fantastic design where I felt at home right away, to clean corridors with a pleasant aroma wherever you walked and with plenty of lighting, they showed me different sizes and set-ups to choose the best option for me.

The security that has always been a problem for me is no longer the case! 24-hour manned security, 75 cameras for video surveillance linked to a central, meaning they’re not just for show, they are for real! And access control on every gate and door! I couldn’t have asked for more!

After choosing the space that best suited my needs, it was time to deal with the paperwork, fast and without much bureaucracy, straight to what matters and with the same sympathy with which they received me.

After storing all my paperwork in boxes at KUBOO, I was received like a hero back at the office. There were no more files and paperwork scattered around the desks, shelves and cabinets, the light finally entered through the windows and the work flowed. While enjoying every pat on the back and every thank you, I was interrupted by my boss: “I need the contracts made in 2016”, I stood up, smiled and said “Let’s go then consult our files, we don’t need to bring coins, coffee is on KUBOO!”