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It has never been about much more than helping.
Helping people, protecting animal life, preserving nature and the space we’re part of. In essence, making a difference through the little big things.

For many years, I was as a pendulum: centered in Lisbon, balancing between the North and the South of Portugal, from the coast to the interior, helping those who needed the most, as I was able to.

I had a small storage, more pantry than garage, where I kept storing and accumulating things until it justified the trip.

Then I’d drive off in my father’s old red wine coloured Corolla and distribute the material in boxes to the Institutions and Solidarity centers with which I made friends along the way.

Now I’m old and tired, have a family and a small farm to care for. I stick to Lisbon.

“Those who give what they have, to more aren’t obliged”

A few weeks ago, one of my nieces came home radiant because “a cube” had prepared a morning of games and activities for the children at her daughter’s school.

As it turns out, this “cube” is actually “a KUBOO”.

A KUBOO which apparently, besides activity days, organizes blood and goods collection campaigns, supports kids’ sports teams, artists and musicians, and even plants trees on behalf of its customers.

And the most curious thing of all? KUBOO’s business is space rental, or as they call them, Kuboos! Small Kuboos, bigger Kuboos, with light, 24 hour access, clean and bug free… perhaps in my heydays of traveling and running around I would have been a part of KUBOO too.