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I used to live in a box.

I allowed my unease with needles to prevent me from arranging space in my life to help.

I’m a visual artist and sometimes work confines me to my own space, a small atelier in the garage at home invented from a mess of trunks, shelves and boxes of memories that, for a long time, I didn’t want to store away from home.

In fact, I spent a lot of time in the garage, even when I wasn’t working, going through photo albums, old collections and my father’s belongings, my way of staying close to him.

A while ago my daughter had a health complication and needed to receive some blood transfusions. This made me re-evaluate a large part of my life.

After what happened, I decided to store some of the garage stuff in a mini-storage unit and turn it into a space where my little girl could play to her heart’s content, so that we could also spend more time together.

In my search for storage solutions in the Lisbon area, I came across KUBOO Self-Storage in Carnaxide, quite close to my home, so I decided to pay them a visit.

What was my surprise when, on arriving at the facility, I saw that KUBOO was organizing a blood donation and bone marrow donors registering campaign – I doubt there’s another self-storage in Portugal doing this. It seemed like fate, so I couldn’t stay inside my box any longer!

That same day, I became a client of KUBOO and made the first blood donation of my life! After all, one unit of donated blood is just 400ml that can make a huge difference.

I recently found out that this KUBOO campaign won a social responsibility award, a well-deserved honor for such a noble initiative.

Congratulations KUBOO!