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They say that in open waters, as in the depths of the forest, we’re truer to ourselves. No space can bring us closer within, no wind feels as fresh and nothing else matters.

At times, sailors would venture the unknown oceans with no promise of return just for the sake of finding a new world, a space where lands grew different trees, animals grew bigger sizes and people dedicated themselves to new unknown arts and crafts.

Those able to make it back, would arrive stacked with all sorts of new items, spices, textiles and a bunch of useless stuff. Although, decluttering was pretty easy as these last ones were different from most things people had seen at the time, so clearing space was no issue.

Particular and special objects require different care, as you wouldn’t store a roll of cloth that traveled for months through storms and disease in a humid garage or some unsafe storage.

KUBOO came to life as a different storage solution. The idea also had to travel for long months, wander through storms and overcome giant waves. Made from people who see the world differently, for people who see their belongings different from banal things.

“Was it worth doing? Everything’s worth doing if one’s soul isn’t small.”

Nothing but respect for the sea, belief in a group of people and opportunity, brought KUBOO Self-Storage and SailCascais together, for a season of conquests with space for always one more victory.

That’s how Rui, Henrique, Luís and Francisco ended up wearing KUBOO’s colors, sailing the waters of Cascais and being crowned THE FIRST EVER PORTUGUESE J70 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS.

Congratulations to the whole KUBOO Sailing Team and all SailCascais team for a great year!

As Pessoa once asserted, danger and the abyss were placed in the sea, but it was also made into heaven’s mirror.