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I moved house because I had to. Although my concept of an ideal life is in the countryside, close to nature and people who make me feel at home, the force of necessity demanded it.

My partner is a pilot for a short-haul airline, so he often goes back and forth to the airport. In most big cities, living near an airport means living on the outskirts, having good access but being far from the euphoria of the urban centers. As we know, this isn’t the case in Lisbon, so I found myself renting a flat that was too small for the price, just because of its proximity.

Naturally, when I moved houses, I brought a lot more stuff than I could fit into the new city flat, from tents and camping equipment to the stress of moving and seeing more boxes than storage space available. I find it hard to believe that nowadays we have to pay absurd amounts for a roof under which there is no room for what is ours, for the things we love.

Fortunately, KUBOO Self-Storage crossed my path and came to “expand” my small flat not far from its walls. At least here everything is uncomplicated, I pay a fair price and I know that my belongings are safe and easily accessible – unlike the property market in Lisbon.

I’d rather give my money to someone who cares about helping me, regardless of the square meters, than to someone who just looks at them as euros.

And when I became a client of KUBOO, guess what, they planted a tree in my name and sponsored kids to play football, among many other social responsibilities they showed me they were doing in my name. When I left KUBOO I was happy.