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I didn’t see this one coming. One month away from the end of the 2nd semester, my landlord informs me he’ll increase rent during the summer months “they’re more profitable!- Margarida, you should see what people are willing to pay!” he told me.

Easy to tell he’s just another landlord with limited space in his brain, but it’s ok.

Took a deep breath, packed my stuff and went to classes at NOVA SBE in Carcavelos. Fairly close to the flat in São Domingos de Rana i was about to empty and leave.

Summer was about to start, it’s almost time to come back to Pampilhosa, and nothing worried me. I mean, I had just this thing occupying my mental space- what would I do with my stuff, furniture, crockery, books, etc. during the months to come? Bringing them home with me was out of the question, also selling them was a no go, as I would need them again in September.

A few days later, while having coffee at Uni, a friend told me she was going to Riga in September for Erasmus, very excited and with a semester of trips already planned. Given that she also lives in a rented apartment, I mentioned my space issue and asked what she was gonna do with her things since she would be away from Lisbon for so long.

“I’ll store it all in a Kuboo!” she answered, as if my question had been the most unreasonable of the week- “It’s simple and pretty close here from NOVA, and they have friendly prices for us students!”. “At least somebody thinks of us”, I sighed.

I ended up making a visit to KUBOO Carcavelos/ Abóboda and was astonished, it had nothing to do with what we see in movies. I was greeted with a smile and a chupa-chups. The air is light in this warehouse. I even crossed paths with other people from University in the hallways. Apparently there’s more University students leaving their things in a self-storage during the months they’re away. And I became another!

Thank you KUBOO, a yellow-doored mini-storage just 10 minutes away from Carcavelos came in very handy.