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Sharing a house with friends or family can be a wonderful experience, but it can also be a pain in the neck. Either way, it implies an agreement, a load of concessions and sometimes, and more importantly, negotiations. In what concerns the politics of ‘space’, it’s about who can use what, what goes where, what do you put away in this closet or that closet, etc, etc, etc…

KUBOO can help you avoid any unnecessary quarrels: we understand that life is full of demands, but rest assured we will honour all the commitments we make to you. Here we have a few ‘storage’ suggestions so that your married life or life with family members doesn’t turn into a living hell:

If you’ve recently married or are started living with a partner, it’s normal that all your items will multiply by two: from couches to toasters. A good solution for this is to keep one of each item at home and the other in storage. This way, if you happen to damage an item you´re using, you have another one just like it, waiting. At KUBOO, we have a storage unit with the perfect size for your things: from 1 to 30 square meters in size.

Beyond this, you can rent your unit for the time that you need. So when it’s time to redecorate your home, give away what you have and put to use all the items that are in your storage space, KUBOO will be there to support you moving forward.

Children’s toys don’t grow at the same pace as they do… nothing is more evident than that. What this implies is that people that have children end up being witness to their closets, shelves, storage areas and garages being occupied by tricycles, games, stuffies and bicycles; items that begin to ‘shrink’ as children grow. And we haven’t even touched upon clothes.

What to do with all these things? Give them away? That’s an option, but only for those who aren’t planning to have more children. A better idea is freeing up space at home for a short while, to make way for toys and clothes that actually fit. At KUBOO, we have an excellent solution for you: a mini-storage unit where these items can be stored safely and organized, until they’re needed again.

There are some that will fight for control of the TV remote. And then there are others that will fight for closet space. The insidious overtaking of someone else’s closet space can begin with a simple suggestion (e.g., can I hang a few things up on your side?). But if this person has the habit of collecting things quickly, in no time they can become king (or queen) of the closet…

A better solution to this problem would be to request that whoever is occupying too much space to store in KUBOO what they don´t use. And to remind them, so that the argument becomes more convincing, that in a KUBOO box it’s possible to keep their clothes, shoes, belts, purses and wallets well organized and always within view. For example, all they need to do is to buy a few shelves that KUBOO sells at a very accessible price.