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Elon Musk is going to space. That’s what space is. A big vast cold, silent and hostile darkness where things get lost. Never to be found again. Like one Tesla with a dummy, gone for good!

Bill Gates likes boxes. He even had an Xbox made of gold. An xbox, like a box, is small and closed, and nobody really knows what’s inside. It doesn’t matter if it’s made of gold, silver or tin. But it’s easy to break open.

Mr. Benetton likes colours. All kinds of colours, the rainbow colours. Oh, that’s very nice! It feels so childishly poetic it makes me want to cry. But colour is dangerous, it can go in any possible way; a little darker and you can’t see anymore, a little lighter and you’re lost in the glaze.

We at KUBOO don’t sell space with ideas of grandeurs, we don’t store your belongings in a box with a door, and we don’t call ourselves any Royal name made out of colours that we don’t own.

We at KUBOO make sure you are happier when you walk out than you were when you walked in. This is the centre of our mission and of our state of being. It’s the only worthy revolution in the self-storage service. To treat people as if they were our friends. We’ve done that for 5 years straight and we plan on never stopping.

Storing is not a fun game. It’s stressful and demanding. But you have a choice in Portugal now, between a garage looking space, a closed humid box, a name so colourful you forget how dirty it is underneath the paint, or, simply put, KUBOO.

Because storing at KUBOO is like checking in a boutique hotel. Easy, crisp, welcoming and friendly. And of course, by far the most nicely designed, safest and cleanest facilities in Europe.

Your call.