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This month’s blog was written by our beloved intern Lourenço The Kid:
Some goodbyes are hard, we all know it, and today came the day of mine.
Exactly 14 months ago I moved to Lisbon to work for a company called KUBOO, I knew little about what they did and even less about where Carnaxide was. In fact, I had never heard the name of that place before. I knew they were a self-storage company, but I didn’t know exactly what that was.

From my study of the area I learned that they were a space where you could rent mini-warehouses or boxes (call them what you want, for me they will forever be kuboos) where people with no garage or storage at home put their surplus goods.

I quickly realized that it was much more than that, in fact this whole KUBOO universe was much more than just a warehouse or a workplace where everyone sits from 9am to 6pm doing their job. It is the extension of the homes of hundreds of people who trust us to leave their belongings knowing that they are safe here. A bit like how all employees feel walking in the door, we end up just being away from home and away from family for the 20 minute ride between Home and KUBOO. Once at KUBOO we’re back home.

KUBOO is a self-storage of good memories, because if there is one thing I am sure of, it is that I don’t want to forget Carnaxide and all the kuboodista family that welcomed me and made Lisbon feel like home.

Thanks kuboodistas and I hope I can have given ⅓ of what you gave me because believe me, I feel lucky if I have achieved such a feat.

Until the next time,
The Kid.

(I still had a lot to write but my boss asked me for a half-page blog)