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We grow when our friends or the ones who love us tell us about ourselves. Frankly. Not just to please us. If we are good listeners, we become improved versions of ourselves, more accurate, more complete.

Here at KUBOO we act in the same manner. Because at KUBOO the most important thing is to be yourself. And this is not a cliché, it’s a rare occurrence in the workplace, and it takes conviction and determination. Self-storage can be dry and alienating if approached in the perspective of business as usual, or it can be a great journey into knowing people. Like a city. Take Lisbon for example, approach it sideways and you may never experience it. Run it through, face first, and it will come at you like a tram. Be ware. Space has a singular politeness to it. It likes uncluttered faces!

It’s a bit like taxi drivers, they are the ears of the city. They are an encyclopedic knowledge of daily life on wheels. Anthropologically rich.

So, face first, we count on the sincere and frank feedback of our staff, friends, and customers to improve ourselves, become more accurate and more balanced. To offer whatever in the world of self-storage we can offer, and always be one step ahead of the rest in taking care of people and of their belongings in the kindest of ways. Because we love it. The anthropological aspect of it. Our days at KUBOO are good days. Full of novelty and renewed every day. There’s space for everything.

If you have a garage, a small warehouse, an extra room in your house where you pile the artefacts of your life, free it (your life). Use the garage for your car or as a hobby room, and that room in your house, with the bicycles and Gym things that you haven’t used in years, perhaps friends can crash in it. Free your space, free your spaces, don’t let clutter get the best of you and don’t get too attached to bulky items. The space they steal from you is worth recovering.

If you live in Lisbon, or planning on it, or Cascais, or Cacém or Algés, we are your neighbours and we are here to help with your excess stuff during your moves. We also offer small Kuboos to be used like small garages, or small extra spaces, extensions to your home, at a small price; so you can keep them for as long as you wish. A simple, clean, safe and cheap extraspace.

That’s what we think self-storage is also about, up at the source, it frees a cluttered space, an office, a garage, a business or just a corner of your house. Without denting your budget. It’s simple, easy to access, affordable and safer than anything else. And we are here to simplify the process. Faces first. Storing is fun! It cleans-up our lives. Clears up our messes.

Huxley said If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything will appear as it really is, infinite. We know he wasn’t talking about storage, bikes, physical spaces, garages, warehouses, or anything that has to do with storing. He was talking about letting go of the prisons of our senses. Un-cluttering. Clearing your daily space is a first step.

Lisbon, Portugal, this is where the hub is. From here, like hundreds of years ago, the ocean is infinite, and space relentless. And so we look ahead. But for now, our space is Lisbon, the great Lisbon area to be precise, at the very center, between Cacém and Oeiras, Cascais and Amadora, Algés and Alfragide. In Carnaxide! A breath away from Lisbon’s center. This is where we are, this is where there’s space for everything, and this is where we await your feedback.

Please always let us know what you think of your experience at KUBOO, what we can provide more to satisfy your needs, and how you think we should improve ourselves.
We are very grateful-