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Lisbon, city of churches and festivals, of white cobblestone sidewalks that reflect light like no other city, and building facades splashed in clean pastel colours that bounce this white light back in a soft, gentle and diffused manner onto the faces of passers by.

Not anyone can walk Lisbon’s streets. One must be fit, determined and goal driven to climb up the 7 hills made of hundreds of winding streets that become slippery when it rains. Old people live long here and climb those streets like cats holding grocery bags.

Lisbon is also made of houses often too small to fit everything you need. There has been some self-storage solutions around for a few years now, but nothing to match the new familiar and homy approach as well as the high quality service of KUBOO Self-Storage, where people come and feel at home right away; alleviating as much as we can everyone’s moving and storing stress is our noblest goal.

When we look at Lisbon, we see a city being emptied of its people, replaced by tourists and expensive housing. We ache at this trend, a global trend, that strips our beloved old cities of their souls and replaces it with a Disneyland impression that even tourists are not looking for.

KUBOO can’t alter this trend all by itself, but we can help by offering solutions for self-storage in and around Lisbon for those in need of a transitional or permanent safe, clean and easily accessible space for their belongings.

Moving, storing and changing towns is never easy. That’s the part that we built our mission upon: To do all we can to simplify and make this process stress-free, and, as much as we can, pleasurable.

Kids come to KUBOO with their parents, and they usually love it. They love the facility, because for a child a clean, big and safe space like the one at KUBOO is like a dream come true. They run around, play with our small toys laying around in the reception, shoot the football in the loading bay, and get to choose one (no more than one) ChupaChups while their parents get a nice cup of coffee (or two). Sometimes the parents prefer Chupachups, and it makes us smile.

Self-storage in Lisbon is boring in general. Receptions are small and stuffy, KUBOO’s reception is twice as high (at least) and 3 times as big as any other, and it feels like our living-room.

We offer from the smallest locker of 1m3, where you can store boxes and luggage for example to large 30m2 Kuboos where you can store your life! In-between we have garage sizes that will expand your home with minimal cost that you can forget about because it doesn’t dent your wallet.

In the storage world, KUBOO and Lisbon are married in their aesthetics. We are bright and we reflect light, our colour, Orange, what the word Portugal means in the old Moorish language, and our roots go deep under the cobblestones of Lisbon’s sidewalks; Our hospitality is entrenched and we love to help. And just like Lisbon’s buildings, our self-storage hearts are all pastel coloured.