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Of course it never happened. I am still single. And when you’re single you tend to become attached to things, so I became a collector of sorts.

A hoarder of small insignificant objects that with time, became important to my well-being. How did that happen? I was a simple guy with no attachments, travelling most of the time, working, eating, sleeping, travelling. I had no chains to anything, until I suddenly did.

A hoarder’s life is difficult. Don’t underestimate the power of habit. Specially if you’re edging on OCD. It can get out of control in no time. And it did. My friends started realizing that I was collecting certain objects, specially Jukeboxes and Vinyls. I just couldn’t help it, I couldn’t stop myself, and instead of making me realize the excess I had become a victim to, they were offering me more vinyls, and more parts for my jukeboxes. Easy gifts. Friends are lazy.

I lived in a good-size house, where 4 jukeboxes fit nicely, but I was going on my 20th jukebox and I obviously was running out of space.

So here we are, the little ad for Kuboo coming out of this simple story, this is where I went, to Kuboo, this is the only place in town where I felt I was treated like the sensitive person that I am, and the sole place in town where I didn’t worry about my jukeboxes.

So here you go, you make your call when you need self-storage. Make sure you compare in depth all the components of the services you are being offered. Make no mistake, don’t believe self-advertising, don’t fall in the easy trap of companies who claim they’re the best, the most modern, the biggest, the supermen of storage. They’re mostly dishonest in claiming those championship titles without the slightest hint of a proof. Like Dr. House says: Everybody lies.

Don’t rent a warehouse, rent a Kuboo. It’s cleaner, safer, more secure and better conceived. Don’t rent a box, you’ll get stuck inside. Rent a Kuboo. Don’t rent a garage, it’s dirty and humid. Don’t rent a space! Who rents spaces? What’s a space anyways? And certainly don’t rent a basement! How horrible! Be it in Lisbon, or around, it’s a Kuboo you need. I promise you.

Until the next story.