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Do i keep this at home? Or do I need a storage?

By Home Organization
Grandad’s toolbox, mom’s wedding dress, grandma’s sewing machine, uncle’s record collections, aunt’s book collection…sometimes, without knowing how it happened, we inherit everything from the people in our family!

Everything ends up at our house! And then we hold onto these things as if they were part of us. We may keep them because of the emotional attachment we have (or had) to the people that gave them to us, but the truth is that in practical terms we probably won’t be getting married in mom’s wedding dress or making hems with grandma’s sewing machine any time soon.

We need the space that these things occupy in our house, these things that we want to keep. But some might worry that if we put these things away in a storage space, they´ll be damaged.

At Kuboo, we understand your concerns and we guarantee that these concerns will quickly disappear.

1. Cleanliness

The first step in making sure that your items will not be damaged is always maintaining them in a clean storage unit. This is how we hand your unit over to you, a unit which is part of a larger storage facility that holds the same high standards of cleanliness: at Kuboo not one stain is ever overlooked; we clean our facility daily, from top to bottom.

2. Climate-control

In choosing the location and materials of construction for Kuboo, a determining factor was how the space would influence the temperature, the humidity and the environment of our facility.

The walls at Kuboo are 60cm thick and made of cement. This way, much like the humidity, the temperature is regulated naturally so that sensitive objects in our units will not become damaged. Here are some examples:

  • Clothes and fabrics: humidity can affect the colour and the shape of your clothes and your fabrics.
  • Vinyl records: humidity can warp your records. Documents and papers: humidity can blot out information written on documents and papers.
  • Wooden objects/wooden furniture: humidity or excessive heat can change the form of an object/ furniture making the wood crack or rot.
  • Electronic equipment: humidity and the sudden changes in temperature can damage the internal hardware of electronic equipment.

Packed like sardines? No way!

By Home Organization
It’s one of the more urgent problems facing us today: the increase in the cost of housing. It’s forcing many people to live in smaller apartments. And with that problem another one arises: where to store our things when there’s very little space?

There are a few ways to tackle this issue without having to feel packed like sardines in our own home. Here, Kuboo gives you some suggestions which can also help in deciding what to store in your box:

1. Be realistic and think about your preferences and needs

By opting for a smaller house, you’ll need to make some decisions. The best way to go about this is to look at things you love and things you need. For example, if you can’t live without your shoe collection, partition a part of your closet to make a shoe rack; if your kitchen is your ‘oasis’ you’ll need to make this room very functional.

Take a good look at every nook and cranny in that room and make use of every inch of space. Don’t forget about the walls: the trick is to ‘think vertically’: think shelves, hooks and hangers. You can also opt for furniture that you can fold and put away when not in use. Also think about the ‘invisible’ places in a house, for example, space under the couch, the bed or stairs.

2. Give priority to the things you use everyday

Always have at hand the objects and all the things that you use on a daily basis. Make a list before you move and take note of where you plan to store these essential goods. The rest you can store in your Kuboo, also in list form and with their whereabouts noted.

3. Words to live by: simple and clean

The smaller the space, the easier to end up with a chaotic and dirty area. Therefore, always keep your house simple and clean so that you can take 100% advantage of it. The trick is to never leave anything out of place, cleaning a bit every day. The same logic that you´ll take with you to your Kuboo.

Winter is coming

By Home Organization
In the famous television series Game of Thrones they are tired of warning us: “Winter is Coming”. And in fact, it’s true: every year it really does come!

When the cold begins to infiltrate our homes and our bodies, the last thing we want to see are our beach towels, swimming trunks, bikinis, T-shirts and shorts…What to do with all these things, as it becomes ever more difficult to keep our winter and summer attire in one closet only? At Kuboo we have the solution and some suggestions for you.

Separate your summer clothes, store them in boxes that are easy to identify and put them away in your storage unit. Since you’ll only need summer clothes in a few months, opt to put these boxes behind those that contain things that you’ll need in the winter. You can store these too. And remember that at Kuboo, we have all the necessary material to package your things: from labels to scotch tape to boxes.

When you organize your summer items, don’t forget everything that you use during the season: beach mattresses, floaties, towels, beach toys, camping gear, outdoor furniture…

All of this fits into a Kuboo storage space; units with a variety of sizes to fit your needs. And remember: when you store your seasonal things, make sure that your Christmas tree and decorations stay closer to the entrance, as you’ll be needing those first because -and here come a few more famous quotes- time flies and Christmas is just around the corner!

To properly store your summer clothes remember that some of them may need special care. For example:

  • dry beach toys well before storing to avoid humidity or mould.
  • make sure that outdoor furniture as well as camping gear is dry when stored so as to prevents cracks in the wood or that fabrics dry rot.
  • avoid plastic bags as they create a perfect environment for humidity stains and mould.

As you’re in the process of organizing and separating, take this opportunity to make choices. It’s not only your house that needs to be organized and clean, but your Kuboo also. Store in your unit only what you’ll need in the future.