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The change in seasons is a perfect opportunity to clean your home, organize things and store what  you don’t need at the moment. Each person creates their own rules, but there are rules, in Feng Shui for example, that contribute to a more harmonious and effective method of tidying up.

According to this train of thought, a fundamental aspect of cleaning productively is how we organize the objects within our home. The more things we have, the harder it is for good energy to circulate. This can create a chaotic space.

Beyond this, it becomes more difficult to keep the house clean. This may all seem simple and obvious, but cleaning our home requires choices about where things go, what things stay, and sometimes a moment of panic may ensue: WHAT TO DO WITH ALL OF THESE THINGS?!

The closets are full, the supply room too, nothing else fits into the storage space and the cars can’t fit in the garage with all the things that we’ve stored in there. If you can relate to this scenario, we imagine that what you’re longing for is a storage space, a box, a mini storage unit, or any type of space that’s in good condition and will allow you to store some of your things safely. Don’t despair.

There is a solution to your problem. That solution is KUBOO. Located in Lisbon, in the Carnaxide area, KUBOO is close to both the Cascais and Sintra line, as well as the capital. KUBOO provides you with a facility that is clean, safe and climate controlled, with storage units between 1 and 30 square meters, where you can organize and store your things as you see fit.

All those items that you don’t need at hand will be a short drive away, stored in a space ideal for your needs. Our team will help you choose that perfect storage space. And you can keep this space for the time you require: the contracts at KUBOO are flexible and allow you to change from a larger or smaller storage unit whenever you see fit,  if for example you suddenly realize that some of your stored items need to be closer to you or that you want to bring some new items to the unit. This is all possible at KUBOO.

Whatever your needs may be, at KUBOO we guarantee that your things are safe. We provide a multi-level security system, operated by our team 24 hours a day.

Entrance and exits to KUBOO are controlled by security cameras and personalized entry codes. We will do everything to protect you, we’ll even protect you from the things you’ve amassed over the years! Renovate your home and change for the better.