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When we opened Kuboo Carnaxide, she was the Princess of self-storage in Lisbon.
She still is.

By far the most secure, the best designed, with 20% more lighting than anything you can find on the market, a bigger and finer reception than all the rest, safer by miles, more comfortable than a hotel, and with the kindest nicest most affable and educated staff in the industry, worldwide. By centuries. And it’s very easy to realize, just drop by anywhere else then drop by Kuboo.

Then, as usual, we surpassed ourselves. We built the Queen of self-storage in Lisbon. An awesome companion to the Princess. Bigger, better, and all of it touch-less in this new age we are all living together. She is Kuboo Aboboda! She is designed like a Boutique Hotel, yet one of the biggest facilities in Portugal. Even her WCs are touch-less! Her disinfectant dispensers, touch-less, her doors, touch-less! You basically don’t have to touch anything to store at Kuboo. And this adds to the overall already top of industry safety we pride ourselves with.

Anyone looking for a space and overlooking Kuboo Aboboda is missing out on a lot. Nothing compares! Nothing! If you are looking for Citystorage or out of city storage, a garage that you thought would be good enough, a box that you thought would be as good as a Kuboo, or any other denomination of a space that you heard someone saying, in any colour or shape. If you don’t end up staying at Kuboo Aboboda you have missed on the pleasure, on the ease, on the safety, on the security, on the cleanliness and on meeting some of the nicest people around to help you get what you need.

At Kuboo we only help. We don’t sell. And by helping we manage to make a good living. We don’t need to be aggressive like some others, we don’t need to run the streets naked calling out we’re the best, the leaders, the biggest. Only those who aren’t usually do that. We sit quietly, working hard every hour of every day to make every person’s experience the absolute best it can be. Our reviews and feedback speak for it. Take a closer look and we won’t need to convince you.

If Kuboo Carnaxide is the Princess of Self-storage in Lisbon, then Kuboo Aboboda is the Queen. The absolute Queen! No Queen has ever been more elegant or more pampered. We pamper every detail of Kuboo because this is where you will store your things, your furniture, your house, your office, and sometimes your life. We take it at heart to relieve your stress. We understand, deeply, the stress of moving and storing, we have done it multiple times in our own lives. And we cater to it, that is to you, before and above we do anything else. You come first, as a human being, as a client, as a tenant, we make sure your needs are well taken care of, then come your belongings that we protect better than anyone.

In Lisbon, moving is not always an easy endeavour. Moving and storing worldwide is not an easy experience. It remains one of the 5 most stressful things in life. And nobody understands that more than Kuboo. We really profoundly understand that at Kuboo. We’ve been repeating it over and over again and we stand by it.

No one comes close. Everyone copies.
But copying can only work on the surface of things. It’s not sustainable.

Don’t put your things in a box, don’t put them in a garage, don’t put them in a space. That’s not Citystorage, it’s bad storage. Don’t put your things in an anonymous space, even if they seem coloured. And certainly don’t put your things in a ‘box’! If you want things to go smoothly you must put your things in a Kuboo, at KUBOO.

You must think outside the box. And outside the box, is inside a Kuboo.